EcoPoxy 2:1 Liquid Plastic

by EcoPoxy


EcoPoxy Liquid Plastic 2 to 1 (resin to hardener) kits provide a harder finish for woodworking and are ideal for river tables, wood table tops, and pours & encasements over 1/4 inch onto wood or any slightly absorbent material.

For epoxy art pieces or encasement of non porous materials EcoPoxy Liquid Plastic 1:1 kits are recommended. Made to remain slightly flexible when set.

Liquid Plastic is a 100% solids, two component epoxy formulated for a long gel time. It has a low exothermic heat buildup and cures to a crystal clear solid that will not stress crack in most circumstances. Perfect for casting and see-through encapsulation, Liquid Plastic can be poured at any thickness and cures to a water like appearance. Liquid Plastic is crystal clear, accentuating and magnifying objects it encapsulates. It cures slowly, allowing entrapped air bubbles to escape. Liquid Plastic is a product that can be trusted, and is truly beautiful to behold.

Note: An extra container of resin is shipped with each of the kits in these photos to provide the 2 to 1 mix ratio (resin to hardener).

 Please allow 2 weeks for shipment

Email for different sizes.