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3011 Fischer

This cute bungalow was a top to bottom renovation in East Village.  We were the interior designers on the project.  The challenge here was how to design the best looking house while working on a tight budget.  We are realistic when working with clients in the city and know that not everyone has the money to completely restore or to go all out on design.  And that is why it is even more important to have a designer involved from the beginning.  We were able to make design conscious decisions to save certain showpieces of the house and to save money on cheaper materials in other areas.  Our main area of focus was the dining room.  The amazing wood work with stockily never painted!  We felt this was the strongest area in the house and gave the home the best resale potential.  The lacquer finish was peeling so we scraped it off and re-stained and sealed the wood to new.  We went with modern finishes in the majority of the other rooms.  It still feels like an old home, but it has the modern luxury of new fixtures, windows, insulation, etc.  All in all it was a nice project to show how you can transform some of these houses on a budget but still have a great finished product.


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