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The WT Philly House

The WT Philly House is a circular residential build-out and design led by the Woodward Throwbacks team. Located in Detroit's North End, this property is the source of materials incorporated into many small batch pieces of furniture and decor and is being re-built using reclaimed and recycled materials. Follow along on instagram at #WTPhillyHouse

Completed to Date:

  • Salvaged as much of the materials as possible (lath wood, slate, etc.)
  • Demolition and cleaning projects
  • Passed rough inspections 
  • Structural work
  • Jacked up house for leveling 
  • New windows 
  • New exterior trim 
  • Remove staircase
  • Install new spiral staircase
  • New insulation
  • Drywall
  • More cleaning
  • Start lining up Trades partners
  • Electrical drawings 
  • Kitchen design
  • Bathroom design
  • Repoint Brick
  • Framing for days
  • Main bathroom tiling (The one where Bo tiled solo for her first time)
  • Recover from break-in (only tools were stolen thankfully)
  • Salvage basketball floors installed in master bedroom (aka "The Fire Room")

Design Inspiration Examples:

philly2_1 - Photo

Project Updates: 

Thanks to our friends at Carhartt Workshop, we were able to lay salvage basketball court flooring in the master bedroom (aka "The Fire Room). 



Philly House_Carhartt Workshop_BTS 2