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Vernors Sofa and Entry Table with 2 Crate Drawers


This sofa or entry table is designed around two vintage wood Vernors crates. The drawers were built using materials from the crates and we preserved the original green Vernors branding. The top is made out of reclaimed oak church pews. 

Dimensions: 36 L x 16.5 W x 29.5 H

*This item ships to the US at a flat rate of $250

**This piece is made from salvage and recycled materials. Markings and condition may vary. 

Our original Crate Collection is made from recycled vintage wooden crates and reclaimed wood. By restoring the iconic graphics and weathered wood into statement tables, we're extending the life of a mass-produced container format that would otherwise be landfill-bound. View the full collection.

Read our blog on why we are recycling vintage wooden crates.